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Specialists in Paint and Restoration

Nathan's Paint & Restoration


With over thirty years of experience within the classic restoration industry, I have established Nathan’s to provide a top-quality and comprehensive service for owners of classic vehicles.  Here at Nathan's, we are happy to work on anything from a Vespa to a Volkswagen, a Reliant to a Rolls Royce, and anything in between. 

We have completed full restorations on many of the cars featured in the hit TV show

Car SOS. 

We are proud to offer that same service to your cherished vehicle.

The select team at Nathan’s can undertake rectification and restoration work on any vehicle, from factory-spec original cars to adapted or modified ones.

We have vast experience undertaking full strip down and rebuilds, welding, fabrication, paintwork, trim and mechanical work, also anything in between.  We can transform any tired and worn out vehicle into a shiny show piece that you will be proud of.

By bringing together a wide variety of skills under one roof we can work within tight deadlines and carry out your every need.

Nathan’s will ensures your car receives the attention that it deserves!


Full Restoration

Have you just bought a barn find?  Have you had a car sat in your garage for years needing work?  Then speak to us.  We offer a full nut and bolt restoration service, liaising with you every step of the way.  We carry out most of the work in house and can provide photos and reports to build any vehicle portfolio that you may wish to accompany your car.

Part Restoration

We are also more than happy to complete smaller jobs such as sill, panel, and paint repairs.  


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Upon Request

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Looking to restore your classic car to its former glory? Look no further! Our team of specialists is here to provide you with a detailed quote for your restoration project. Contact us today to get started!

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